وکیل جرایم سایبری

I’m American, I’m from the United States.
I was born in Poland.
من در لهستان متولد شدم

W: I was born in Northern Ireland. ایرلند شمالی
M: Kuwait.
M: Jerusalem. بیت المقدس

W: Japan.
J: As for me, my family comes from Hong Kong. و اما در مورد من

MM: Where is that?
J: Next to Chinaکنار چین
. Mario, you are reporting, you should know that.
M.R: Just kidding
فقط داشتم شوخی می کردم
. So, you’re Chinese.
Yeah, and I’m also Canadian. Mario, what about you? Where were you born?
M.R: I was born in Toronto, but my parents were born in Italy, so I’m Italian -
J: And I’m Chinese - Canadian, and I have the ID to prove it.آن را ثابت می کند

MM: Oh, you mean proof of identity?  منظور شما مدرک شناسایی

J: Yes.
M.R: I have lots if ID too, I have a bankcard, I have a birth certificateگواهی تولد
, visa card, a license
J: We often have to prove our identity to show proof of ID. One place where you need to show your ID is at Customsگمرک

M.R: Citizenship card. کارت شهروندی

J: Another is at the bank, or when you get your driver’s license, or when the police stop you for driving too fast.

M,R: So our personal identity, our ID, is complete now?
J: Name, address, phone number, date of birthتاریخ تولد, place of birthمکان تولد, nationality. ملیت

MM: And marital statusوضعیت تاهل, Jane. Sometimes you have to tell people whether you’re married or single.
And sometimes you don’t.
M.A: Well, ...
I’m single.
I think that’s all we need to talk about ID.