وکیل جرایم سایبری

AT THE WORKSHOP C: Well, am I a person now?
Why not? have a personal identity.
Yes, but it’s not complete.
Why isn’t it complete, what else do I need to know about
Well, you need to know how old you are.
C: What does that mean?
It means you know when you were born. Let me show the picture of my children again. My boy is just over ten years
old. My girl is just over five years old.
C: They don’t look old.
No, they’re not old. They’re young. But when we talk about a person’s age, we say he or she is so many years old.
C: Oh
I see. F: Now look at this picture.
C: Ha
... ha ...
ha, Koochi, Koochi, koo, really cute who is that? F: It’s my son.
C: You have two Sons,
No, I only have one son, but this is a picture of my son when he was a baby.
C: Ah
hmm, cute baby? F: Yes, this is my son when he was exactly one day old, the day he was born, ten years ago. C: I see. He was born ten years ago. F: That’s right. It was his tenth birthday this month; this was his birthday party,  

C: Oh, wow! Happy birthday. When is my bwthday? How old am I? When was I born?
F: Well, you were born today.
C: Then I’m a baby.
F: No,you’re a robot.
C: Uh, but it is my birthday I’m one day old.
F: Yes, yours one day old. Happy birthday.
C: Thank you.
F: I’ll mark your birthday on the calendar.
C: Good.
F: Wow! What’s the date today; let me see, the day is the ninth; it’s Wednesday the ninth. You were born Wednesday the
ninth of August 1989.
C: Chips’ birthday, wow!
F: Oh.
C: I’m sorry. What else do I need to know about my personal identity?
F: Well, you know your date of birth, when you were born. Now you need to know your place of bfrth, where you were born.
C: I know that, I was born here, this place, your workshop.
F: That’s right.
C: What else do I need to know?
F: You need to know your nationality.
C: Nationality? What’s that?
F: This is the world.
C: The world! Very nice.
F: The world is made up of nations: China, India, Italy, Germany, Spain, Brazil.
C: Lots of nations.
F: If you were born in China, you’re Chinese; if you were born in India, you’re Indian; and if you were born in Italy, you are


Italian, and so on. C: I was born in the workshop, so I’m workshopian. F: Ha) ha, ha, ... No, the workshop isn’t a nation) Canada which is a nation; so ..?
So, I’m Canadian.