وکیل جرایم سایبری

S: Hah! You’re not married, so you’re single? Singlel Date of birth?
C: Date of birth? Uh,
... do you have a calendar?
S: Yes.
C: Oh, thank you. Oh, let’s see, what year is it? 1989. And what
month is? August, August, OK. September, October,
November, December, January, February, March, April, May,
June, July, August! And what day of the week is it? Let’s see.
... oh Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday,
Tuesday, Wednesday. August the ninth, 1989 That’s it.
S: That’s what?
C: The date of my birth.
S: Today? Oh I see it’s your birthday

C: Yes, happy birthday to me. Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday dear Chips. Happy birthday to me. Dada
S: It’s very good, all right. So, today is your birthday. Well, happy birthday.
C: Thank you.
S: But, when were you born?
C: I was born today.
S: I know but how many years ago? 20? 30? 40? 50?
C: How many years ago? Zero years ago. I was born today.
S: How old are you? What is your age?
C: My age? One day. I’m one day old.
S: Cute
... It’s very cute.
C: Oh, thank you, but cute is for the babies. I’m not a baby; I’m

a robot.

S: You’re a robot.
C: Yes.
S: A robot, so you do have a last name. How do you spell that?
C: How do you spell what?
S: How do you spell a robot?
C: You want to know how to spell a robot,
S: Yes, please.
C: Very
well,I’ll spell it for
S: a robot. OK Chips a robot, who doesn’t know his age. Date of birth, unknown. Place of birth?
C: I was born in the workshop.
S: What workshop? Oh, oh the workshop that you live in? You were born there?
C: Yes, I was born there with Frankie.
S: You live with Frarikie?
C: Yes, I live with Frankie and I was born with Frankie.
5: Frankie is your brother?
C: No. Frankie is a woman.
S: Oh, so she is your sister.
C: No, she is not my sister and I’m not her brother, I just live with her.
S: She is your mother?
C: No, she’s not my mother.
S: Your grandmother?
C: No, she’s not my grandmother.
5: Your daughter?
C: No, she’s not my daughter either.
5: Your friend?
C: No, she’s not my friend.
5: Then she’s your wife, and you say that you are single; you’re not married.

C: We are not married; you see, Frankie is a person and I’m a robot.
I know your last name, a robot, Chips a robot; that’s all I want to know; that’s all I need to know.
C: You don’t know my nationality.
S: Ha
... ha ...
ha. Oh, yes, I do, you are Canadian.
C: How did you know that?
S: Because, you were born in the workshop which is on Spadina Avenue, which is in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. You were born in Canada. You have Canadian nationality.
C: Is my ID complete now?
S: Yes, it’s complete. You see how to fill in a form.
C: Oh yes, very nice.
& Thank you, good day.
C: Yes, it is a good day, isn’t it? It’s my birthday.
I mean goodbye.
C: What are you doing?
S: I’m shaking hands. Shake hands.
C: Shake hands.
S: No, not like that, give me your hand.
C: OK. 0. Frankie.
S: Oh, oh!