وکیل جرایم سایبری

Good morning.
Good morning.
Please take a form.
A form?
Yes, please, take one.
Where do I take it?
Take a seat.
Take a seat?
Yes, take a seat. Take a chair.
OK. Where do I take the chair?
You don’t take it anywhere: take a seat means sit down.
Please sit down.
All right.
Stand up.
stand up; sit down; I don’t understand.
I mean sit down on a chair.
Oh. What do I do now?
Fill in the form.
Fill in the form! Fill it with what?
I said: fill in the form not fill. Fill in the form.
Oh, I understand.
I’ll fill in the form. Name?
My name?
Yes, what’s your name?

Chips. C.H.I.P.S
Thank you. I know how to spell Chips. Is that your first or last
First, last name, It’s my only name.
Chips? That’s a short name.
Yes, I know. It’s short for Cybernetic Heuristic Integrated
Perception System. Now, that’s a long name.
Yes. Chips. Address?
Yes, where do you live?
Oh, I live in the workshop.
The workshop? What’s the address of the workshop?
The address is 1355 Spadina Avenue, Toronto,
Could you repeat that please?
1355 Spadina Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Please say it slowly.
1355 Spadina Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Pasta! cäde?
Postal code, Uh
... what’s a postal code?
This is a postal code. What is your postal code?
Oh, a postal code. I don’t know my postal code.
Phone number
Phone number?
What is your telephone number?
Telephone number
... uh, ya
Oh, do you have a telephone?
Oh, yes we have a telephone in the workshop, and we have a
typewriter like yours, and we have a clock, also like yours,
and we have an electirc screwdriver. Where is your electric


just want to know your telephone number.
C: I don’t know my telephone number.
S: Marital status?
C: Marital status?
S: Marital status!
... Are you married or are you single? Have you
a wife?
C: No, I have no wife, I have no children, I have no son, no
daughter, no parents, no mother, no father. That’s why I want
to be a person.
I just need to know if you’re married or single.
C: No, I’m not married, no.
S: So, you’re single.
C: No, I’m not single. That’s why my name is Chips, I’m not just
one chip, I’m lots of chips. You see; there’s one chip, two
chips, three chips, four chips, five chips.