وکیل جرایم سایبری

Total English part two

Unit 2 Recording 4 ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty. Unit 2 Recording 5 twenty, twenty-One, thirty, thirty-three, forty, forty-nine, fifty, fifty-six, sixty, sixty-seven, seventy, seventy-four, eighty, eighty-eight, ninety, ninety-nine Unit 2 Recording 6
i He’s my brother. He’s 13.
2 Carol’s my sister. She’s 40. 3 She’s Helen. She’s 80.
4 Myson’si.
5 He’s my husband. He’s 6o.
6 Roberto’s 17. Unit 2 Recording 7 1 59 Princes Street, Edinburgh
2 31 Globe Road, London
3 8o Boulevard de Clichy, Paris
4 46 Lower Abbey Street, Dublin
5 70 Brook Street, Boston Unit 2 Recording 8
B=Ben ji=judge 1 J2judge 2 B: Hello.
J1/J2: Hello.
Ji: What’s your name?
B: Ben Gibson.
Ji: How do you spell that?
B: Gibson.G—I—B--S—O-- N
ji: Where are you from, Ben?
B: I’m from Australia.
Ji: How old are you, Ben?
B: I’m twenty-nine.
j2: What’s your address?
B: Seventeen, Kings Road, Angel, London.
Ji: What’s your phone number?
B: My home number is o — two — o — eight, three — nine — one, double two — four. And my mobile number is o — seven — eight, seven — two — four, nine — one.
J1/J2: Thank you.
J2: OK, Mr Gibson!
B: Oh! OK! Yes
B: Every morning, she’s on my train, where is she from, and what’s her name Unit 2 RecordIng 9 Ji=judge 1 J2=Judge 2 J3=Judge 3
14=Judge 4 J5=judge 5
T=Terri V=Vittoria H=Hans S=Sanjay
ji: Thank you. Ben. Goodbye. He’s awful. J2: Yes, awful.
2 j3: Thank you, Tern.
T: OK. Thank you. Goodbye.
J3: Goodbye. She’s good.
J4: Yes, she’s good.
ii: Thank you Vittoria.
V: Oh, thank you.
Ji: Goodbye.
V: Goodbye.
ji: She’s OK.
J5: Yes, she’s OK.
4 J3: Thank you Hans. Thank you.
H: OK. Thank you. Goodbye.
J3: He’s great!
J2: Yes, he’s great.
j4: Thank you Sanjay.
S: OK, thank you.
J4: Goodbye.
S: Goodbye.

J4: He’s bad.
Ii: Yes, he’s bad. Unit 2 Recording 10 1 S=Slmon
A: What’s your name, please?
5: Simon Ambrose.
A: How do you spell that?
2 A: What’s your address, please?
B: 82 via Speranza, Rome.
A: How do you spell that, please?
B:Via:V—l—A.Speranza: S—P—E-- R -A
--N —Z--A. Unit 2 Recording 11 A: What’s the website?
B: www.emailfriends.net
A: Uh-huh. Who’s she?
B: Her name’s Frieda Lang.
A: What’s her job?
B: She’s a teacher.
A: What’s her email address?
B: frieda@teachernet.de
A: What’s his name?
B: Tom Mackinstosh.
A: What’s his job?
B: err ... He’s an accountant.
A: What’s his email address?
B: It’s tom@mackintosh.com
A: Hmmm ... What’s her name?
B: Her name’s Junko Nakamura.
She’s a student.
A: Oh! I’m a student. What’s her email
B: junura@jmail.jp
A: How do you spell that?
B: Junura: I — U — N — U — R —A, at jmait: J — M
— A — I — L dot I — P.
A: Thank you!

Unit 3 Recording 4 R=Ravi D=Diane E=Eva


A: Hello, sir. What’s in your suitcase, please? R: What’s in my suitcase? Um, a map, a camera, two books, a top and two pairs of trousers. Oh, and a pair of shoes.

2 A: Hello Madam. What’s in your suitcase? D:Oh, err. Let me see. A camera — no! Two cameras, an MP3 player, a pair of shoes, two skirts, three tops, three books and a backpack.
A: Hello Madam. What’s in your suitcase, please?
E: What’s in my suitcase? Umm, a camera, two maps, two books, three tops, an MP3 player, a pair of trousers and a skirt and err ... five pairs of shoes. Unit 3 Recording 5 a two suitcases b five maps
c seven tops d three cameras
e two pairs of shoes f four books
g eight pairs of trousers h six skirts Unit 3 Recording 6 MB=Mr Boyle J=jane Miles
MB: Excuse me.
J: Yes?
MB: I’m Mr Boyle. What’s your name?
J: Jane Miles.
MB: What’s in your suitcase, Miss Miles.
J: I’m not Miss Miles. I’m Mrs Miles.
MB: Sorry. OK, a camera
J: It isn’t a camera. It’s an MP3 player.
MB: Oh! Sorry. An MP3 player ... and two
J: They aren’t books. They’re maps.
MB: Yes, of course. Sorry Unit 3 Recording 7 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday Unit 3 Recording 8 1 A=Assistant BMan
A: Good morning.
B: Good morning. ls(beepjnear here?
A: No, it isn’t, It isn’t in London. Are you in a
B:Yes, I am.
A: It’s about twelve kilometres from here.
Here’s a map. We are ... here. And it is
B: OK. Is it free?
A; No, it isn’t.
B:And is it open today?
A: Yes, it is.
B: OK, great. Thank you. Goodbye.
A: Goodbye.
2 A=Assistant B=Woman
A: Good morning.
B: Good morning.
A: Can I help you?
B: Yes. Is [beep) open today?
A: Yes, it is.
B: Good. Is it near here?
A: Yes, it is. Here’s a map. We are ... here.
And it is ... there. It’s near Oxford Street.
B: Great. Thank you. Are museums in
London free?
A: Yes, they are.
B: OK, great. Thank you. Goodbye.
A: Goodbye.
A=Assistant B=Man
A: Good morning. Can I help you?
B:Yes. Is [beep] open today?
A: No, it isn’t. It’s closed on Mondays.
A; Sorry.
B: OK. Goodbye.
A: Goodbye.  

Unit 2 Recording 12 i doctor 2 artist 3 teacher
4 student actor 6 police officer
7 engineer 8 accountant
9 sales assistant io manager Unit 2 Recording 13 i He’s a teacher 2 She’s an actor
3 He’s a student She’s an engineer Unit 3 Recording 1
a castle, a cathedral, a palace, a museum,
a gallery, a department store, a market,
a mountain, a lake Unit 3 Recording 2 1 They’re from Spain.
2 Their mother is Tina.
3 Their hotel is in Vienna.
4 They’re students.
5 They’re in Istanbul.
6 Where is their camera? Unit 3 Recording 3
I asuitcase 2 amap 3 atop
4 a camera 5 a pair of shoes 6 a book
7 a pair of trousers 8 a skirt
9 a backpack 10 an MP3 player