وکیل جرایم سایبری

1F: There, how is that? در این مورد نظرت چیه

2c: Absolute, thank you! تمام عیار ممنون
F: You’re welcome. Hah, oh, time to eat; I’m hungry.
خواهش می کنم وقت غذاست من گشنمه
C: What’s that?
F: My lunch box.
جعبه ناهار
C: What’s in it?
داخلش چیه
F: My lunch.
C: What’s lunch?
F: Lunch is food.
C: What’s food?
F: Food is what I eat when I’m hungry.
غذا چیزیه که وقتی گرسنه ام می خورم
C: People eat food when they’re hungry?
F: Yes, people eat food.
C: Do robots eat food?
F: No, robots don’t eat food.
C: So, if I want to be a person, I have to eat food?
اگه من بخواهم شخص بشم باید غذا بخورم
F: Yes, that’s right. People have to eat. Would you like some?
C: Oh, yes, thank you. I’m very hungry. What is it?
F: This is a sandwich,
C: A sandwich?
F: Yes, I’ll show you how to make a sandwich.
first, you put بهت نشون می دهم چطور ساندویج درست می کنم
butter on the bread.
C: Butter on the bread.
F: Then you put it in the cheese.
C: Put in some cheese.
F: Then you put in some tomato.
C: Put in some tomato.
F: This is a cheese and tomato sandwich. Go ahead try it.
شروع کن امتحان کن
C: Thank you. Mm, I like cheese and tomato sandwiches. What’s that?
F: Oh, this is an apple.
C: To make apple sandwiches?
F: No, you just eat it like this. Go ahead; try it.
C: Thank you. Mm
... that’s good too. اون هم خوبهOh, what’s this? Something else to eat? یه چیز دیگه برای خوردن؟
F: No, that’s something to drink.
C: When you’re hungry?
F: No, when you’re thirsty. I eat when I’m hungry, and I drink when I’m thirsty.
C: Oh, what do you call. this?
F: This is milk }here's some for me, and here’s some for you.
مقداری برای من و مقداری برای شماGo ahead; try it
C: Thank you Mm, tha’s good too. I like milk. What else do you drink?
F: Oh. Coffee, tea, water.
C: Well, I like milk, and I like food, and I like lunch
... Do you eat lunch every day? آیا هر روز ناهار می خورید
F: Every day i get hungry and thirsty every day.
C: Do you eat and drink all day?
F: Oh, no, not all day
... I usually eat lunch at noon, 12 o’clock.
C: Lunch at noon, Do you eat just once a day?
F: Oh, no I eat more than..once a day
من بیشتر از یک بار در روز می خورم. I eat three times-. A day. Breakfast in the morning at 7 o’clock, lunch at noon at 12
o’clock, and dinner in the evening at 6 o’clock.
C: Mm
... Breakfast at 7 o’clock in the morning, lunch at 12

noon, and dinner at 6
F: That’s right, three meals a day. سه وعده غذا در روز
C: What do you eat for these three meals?
F: I’ll show you my menu for tomorrow. فهرست فردا
C: Thank you. Oh, breakfast cornflakes; lunch spaghetti; dinner,

sausages. سوسیس
F: Yes, you see cornflakes for breakfast, spaghetti
sausages for dinner.
C: That’s a lot of food. Where do you get
F: I get it in a food store.
C: What’s a food store?