وکیل جرایم سایبری

total English

Do you know? Recording 1 i supermarket z restaurant 3 cinema
4 camera 5 doctor 6 football 7 bus
8 television 9 pizza 10 tennis 11 taxi
12 police 13 university 14 telephone
15 hotel
Do you know? Recording 2 zero, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, Do you know? Recording 3 a, b, c. d, e, f. g. h, I, j, k, I, m, n, o, p. q, r, s, t,
u, V. w, x, y, z
Do you know? Recording 4 i listen 2 read 3 write 4 speak
5 match 6 repeat 7 look
Do you know? Recording 5 Sorry. I don’t understand
What’s Hola’ in English?
Can you say that slowly, please?
Excuse me. can you help me?
Unit 1 Recording 1 RReceptionist G—Guest
R: Good morning.
G:Good morning.
R: Welcome to Easton Hotel.
G:Thank you.
Photo A
AAlonzo C=Camila
A: Hello. I’m Alonzo Moreno.
C: Hello. I’m Camila Diaz. Nice to meet you.
A: Nice to meet you, too.
Photo D
JJames NNina
J: Hi Nina.
N: Hi James.
Photo B
MMaria HHetga
M: Hello. I’m Maria Hofmann. What’s your
H: I’m Helga Peters.
Photo C
Unit 1 Recording 2 i Good morning.
2 Welcome to Leonard Hotel.
3 Hello.
4 Nice to meet you.
5 Hello. What’s your name?
Unit 1 Recording 3 zero, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine Unit 1 Recording 4 R=Receptionist CCristina
R: Hello.
C: Hello. I’m Cristina Branco.
R: Welcome to Bally Hotel, Miss Branco.
You’re in room 329. C: Thank you.
R: Thank you.
Unit 1 Recording 5 I AAuguste BBetty
A: Good morning.
B: Good morning.
2 A=Auguste C’Camilla
A: Good afternoon.
C: Good afternoon.

A=Auguste DDaniel
A: Good evening.
0: Good evening.
A=Auguste P=People
A: Good night.
P:Good night.
Unit 1 Recording 6 a, b, c, d. e, 1, g, h, i, j, k. I, m, n, o, p. q, r, s, t,
U, v, w, x, y, z
UnIt 1 Recording 7 ahjk/bcdegptv/flmnsxz/iy/ o/quw/r Unit 1 Recording 8
a India 2 Australia 3 Argentina
4 Japan 5 the US 6 Brazil 7 the UK
8 Germany 9 Italy io Poland
Unit 1 Recording 9 1 M’Martin S=Sunny
M:Sunny Deva?
5: Yes.
M: Hello. Mr Deva. I’m Martin. Welcome to
the UK.
5: Thank you.
2 R=Rachel A=Ana
R: Ana Goncalvez?
R: Hello, Mrs Goncalvez. I’m Rachel.
Welcome to Germany.
A: Thank you.
AAbby N=Nicole
A: Nicole Redman?
A: Hello, Ms Redman. I’m Abby. Welcome to
the US.
N:Thank you.

Unit 1 Recording 10

A: Coffee? B:Yes, please.

2 WWaiter C=Custorner
W: Black pepper?
C: No, thank you.

P=Peter D=David
P: Hello. I’m Peter.
0: I’m David. Nice to meet you.

Woman: Excuse me,


Man: Oh! Sorry!

A: He’s Ronaldinho. He’s from Brazil.
B: Pardon?
A: He’s from Brazil.
Unit 1 Recording 1 1 I Woman: You’re in room 829. 2 T=Todd J=Janice
T: Hello. I’m Todd Williams.
J: I’m Janice Simpson
K=Karen frJanlce
K: Hi Janice.
J: Hi Karen. Come in.
K: Thank you.
J: Coffee?

Unit 1 Recording 12 LLuisa B=Boris A=Andy
A: Hi Boris.
B: Hi, Andy. This is Luisa.
A: Nice to meet you. Luisa.
1: Nice to meet you, too.
Unit 1 Recording 13 AAndy L=Luisa
1: Where are you from, Andy?
A: I’m from the US.
1: Where are you from in the US?
A: I’m from New York. Where are you from?
1: I’m from Argentina.
A: Where are you from in Argentina?
1: I’m from Rosario.
Unit 1 Recording 14 a Where are you kn? 2 Where are you from in Poland?
3 I’m from Warsaw.
Unit 1 Recording 15 Australia: six, one.
Brazil: double five.
China: eight, six.
Japan: eight, one.
Mexico: five, two.
Russia: seven,
Spain: three, four.
Turkey: nine, o.
The UK: double four.
The US: one.
Unit 1 Recording 16 1 M=Man WWoman
M: Directory enquiries.
W: The Lamden Hotel, please.
M: Where is it?
W; It’s in Rome, in Italy.
M: Thank you.
Machine: The number Is: double o — three
— nine — six—eight — one — two — nine — four
— one.
I repeat: double o -. three nine — six — eight
— one — two - nine — four — one.
Unit 2 Recording 1
mother son 2 father daughter
3 sister brother 4 father son
5 wife husband 6 mother daughter
Unit 2 Recording 2
mobile phone 2 phone
3 phone number 4 email address s computer 6 website 7 photo
8 passport 9 first name io surname
ii address Unit 2 Recording 3 L=Liz SSabrlna
L: Ooh! Who’s he?
5: Carl? He’s my brother. He’s 26 years old.
L Twenty-six? I’m twenty.six.
S: You’re thirty.six!
L: Oh, yes.
5: She’s my sister, Anna. She’s thirty-two.
And he’s my father, Marek. He’s from
Poland. He’s sixty.
1: Who’s she?
5: She’s my mother, Sofia. She’s from Italy.
She’s fifty-seven. And my daughter, Sarah.
She’s one. And my son, Tom. He’s three.
1: Ooh! Who’s he?
S: He’s my husband, James.
1: Oh! How old Is he?
5: He’s forty.