وکیل جرایم سایبری


a- Look at the adjectives in the box. Check the meaning in a

Thin    good-Looking    tall    fat    short    not intelligent C

happy    ugly   young   rich   old     poor    sad    intelligent ,,

 Thin: skinny

good-Looking    : beautiful, handsome

tall    : having a height that is above average

fat    : overweight

intelligent: clever

ugly: not good looking

rich: wealthy people
b-Listen and repeat.

c -Test your partner. Say (hossein)a word. Your partner(hassan) says the opposite.
A: Short. B: Tall.

Hossein:big    hassan:small

2 -a -Put the sentences in the box in the correct pLace.

He’s not very rich.       He’s rich.      He’s very rich.         He’s quite rich.

+++_____ ++_______+ He’s quite rich.  _-______
TaLk about the people in the photos. Use the adjectives with

3 TaLk about famous people with your partner.
A: Jude Law is very good-looking. B: Yes, he is.
very, quite or not very.